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Research Assistantship, University of Louisville

From January 2010, I have worked in the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory at the University of Louisville.

Prototype Secure RTU Overview

A Prototype Security Hardened Field Device for Industrial Control Systems, International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications Proceedings, Orlando, Florida, September 2010.

Summer 2010 Progress Report

Fall 2010 Progress Report

Master of Engineering Thesis

OKL4 Micro Kernel Work

Undergraduate, University of Louisville

From 2005 to 2009, I attended the University of Louisville as an undergraduate.

Power Monitoring Electrical Receptacle


LVL1 is a collaborative, member driven Hackerspace in Downtown Louisville, KY.  I am a founding member, and currently serve on the board of directors.

“Beyond Arduino” Workshop

EagleCAD Workshop

Surface Mount Soldering Workshop

PIR Occupancy Sensor

Micro Mondays


Front Door LED Panel



Laptop Skin

Bernheim Balloon Swarm

White Star Balloons

The White  Star Balloon project is a massive undertaking involving almost everyone in the LVL1 community.

White Star Main Website
The main website includes general information about our balloon program, and periodic updates.

White Star Wiki
The Wiki serves as a documentation and organization repository for all information and technology produced by the program.

Flight Computer Hardware

Flight Computer Software

Internal Sensor Board

External Sensor Board

Ground Support Board

Ground Translation Software

Volume  Measurement Pitot Tube

Micro Satellite Board

i296 Based Balloon Tracker


Various personal projects that have accumulated over the years.

Undercabinet Lighting Project

Better Thermometer

$10 OpenOCD Programmer


Garden Monitor


Christmas Light Controller

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