Makerbot Sumbot


LVL1 has a small rivalry with a few of the regional hackerspaces.  Back in October 2010, when we were but a fledgling space, we hosted a Sumo Bot tournament.  Hive13 and Bloominglabs came by, and we kicked their butts.  Hive13 held the rematch a few months ago, and I started work on my SumoBot.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish in time, but the effort itself is worthwhile, and my bot will live to see the next match.

Sumobots are robots which seek to push each other out of a small ring.  The ring is black, with a white boundary circle.  Two robots enter, one robot leaves. Our competitions use the Mini-Sumo class of rules, allowing for a Sumobot which can fit inside a 10cm by 10cm rectangular tube, weighing under 500 grams.  I decided to print my SumoBot on our makerbot.