Mind Over Melon!


Chris and I finally finished Mind Over Melon! For anyone who hasn’t heard us talk about this, this is a device that allows the user to explode watermelons with his/her mind!  We took it out to Bernheim Forest for Bernheim CONNECT, and let 40 people blow up 40 melons.  It was immensely popular!  Special thanks to Bernheim for fronting the cost of the melons.  40 melons is a whole lot to fit in the back of a small hatchback!

I finished up the base station hardware at the very last minute, and Chris managed to get the thing on TV: http://www.whas11.com/great-day-live/video/Connect-Festival-at-Bernheim–167188425.html

We’ve posted some instructions on the LVL1 wiki.  The instructions are rudimentary, but I’m happy to answer any questions if you want to build your own melon popping device.  In version 2, the melon will fight back!

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